We hear the term LEAD GENERATION quite frequently, especially in the world of online sales and marketing. Over time, it has become a critical driver for the growth of businesses. It helps in building relationships with the customers and influences the buying process.

No doubt there has to be a model for developing content, attracting the traffic, then converting it and qualifying it to handover to the sales team. All the business needs are to get a buyer’s attention in a cluttered media landscape.

What is a lead?

The simple understanding of lead is a person who expresses interest in any product or service that is offered by a company. This type of interest is represented as an exchange in information, like providing a name or an email address for a piece of content.

Leads are basically part of a broader lifecycle that the consumers follow when they are in transition from visitor to customer. All leads are obviously not equal; therefore, there are various types of leads based on their qualification and the stage of the lifecycle they are in.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation can be defined as the process of attracting and engaging the target audience to the point where they would like to share their information. The process works by driving targeted traffic to the website, getting the visitor information, and nurturing the ones who fit the buying standards.

For a potential customer, lead generation is the first step in building a meaningful relationship. This helps in finding ways to make a person interested in a company and make it interesting to them so that they would like to request more information.

Lead generation channels

Lead can be generated for various purposes like list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, reward, loyalty, and membership programs. Organizations use social media to generate leads like LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Email marketing & online advertising are other ways of generating leads.

There are numerous marketing and sales channels available to a modern marketer and salesperson. One needs to take a hard look at different channels to be successful. Out of various lead generation channels, a few are as follows:

· LinkedIn

Professional selling services or one related to professional operations carefully study and leverage LinkedIn as the chief channel in lead generation. LinkedIn surely has the ability to catch eye and imagination, which is more important than any other factor.

It is a way of creating profiles that resonate with the audience and allow capturing certain personal flair by capturing attention in the personal profile. High performing advertisers use healthy LinkedIn pages with a lot of engagement.

· Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a leading platform for professionals that help them to discover innovative companies. This allows connecting with people behind them & helps to pursue new opportunities. With over 55 million active users, Crunchbase helps to inform their business decisions.

Business professionals like entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers and different types of people are involved in sales connect through Crunchbase. Companies around the world power their applications, which certainly makes over a billion calls per year to the API.

· Angelist

Founded in the US, Angelist is a website for startups, job seekers, and angel investors who are looking for work at startups. Its platform has a mission for the democratization of the investment process. This helps startups to handle challenges in talent and fundraising.

Its syndicate facilities startup financing with accredited investors. It also connects talents with startups through Angelist Jobs in which over 35000 recruiting companies, more than 2 million candidates, and around 5 million registered users are subscribed.

· Signal

A signal is a tool to make the founder VC network which is visible and actionable. Thousands of VC’s have edited their profiles & connected their networks. Signals help in getting the introductions that people need to the right VC’s. This certainly allows an invisible network visible.

Signals let the people tag their progress in network building and enable them to see each connection’s outcome. This network becomes an asset for the people in speeding up the process. More than 3 million graph connections are between the top founders and top VC’s.

· Clutch

Clutch is a data-driven field guide that helps in making business buying decisions. Clutch basically interviews the real clients, collects their data, and compares the competitors, which helps people in finding firms or organizations for their projects.

Clutch also cuts through the disorganized market research by getting feedback from the client and doing industry analysis. This helps in arming the businesses with insights and the analysis that they require to tackle and connect the challenges ahead with great confidence.

· Trustpilot

Trustpilot is basically a leading global platform for online reviews that actually helps the consumers in making decisions for better purchase and businesses showcase and thus improve their services. Consumers with buying or service can write a review on Trustpilot.

Reviews have great importance for the businesses, which creates opportunities for companies to learn & improve by building reputation and credibility. This way Trustpilot sets new standards in the business consumer dialogue by directly enabling to engage businesses with consumers.

· Indeed

Indeed is an American employment-related search engine for job listings which was founded in 2004. Basically a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd Indeed is an example of vertical search and currently is available in 60 different languages and 60 countries worldwide.

Indeed aggregates job listings from thousands of websites around the world. This includes job boards, associations, staffing firms, and various pages of company career. It offers job seekers to apply directly to jobs and also offers resume posting and storage which people benefit from.

· Dice

Dice is a database for professionals related to technology. Based in the United States, it manages over 9 million profiles. Their platform helps technology professionals in career management and connection with employers with the skilled talent of technology.

Dice also provides insights, career, and data opportunities to the professionals. It puts state-of-the-art tools in the hands of the recruiters, which makes it easier for them to hunt each talent according to the requirements of their organizations.

· IT Events

IT Events can be great for growing business, but only if one has a significant lead generation process in place. It’s crucial not only to attract people by inviting them to the event but also to acquire information about them once they are engaged.

Getting leads only will not make the business increase, but one requires closing these leads to make an impact on the bottom line. Various businesses face hurdles when it comes to closing warm event leads. The reason is simple; they don’t communicate quickly.



I’m a Sales Professional with over 10 years experience in sales management and commercial development with great interest in IT market and software development.

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Margo Prylypska

I’m a Sales Professional with over 10 years experience in sales management and commercial development with great interest in IT market and software development.